Fly Fishing on the Soča River

Fishing on the river Soča is the jewel in Slovenia’s fly-fishing crown. It is not just the beauty of the crystal clear emerald water, but also its setting in the Julian Alps that attracts fishermen from all over the world each year.



Soca Marble Trout

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Fly Fishing Seasons: Marble Trout 1.04. - 30.09 | Other Trout & Rainbow Trout 26.03 - 06.11 | Grayling 16.05 - 31.10

Permit Prices

Type of Licence

Catch and Kill

Catch and Release

Daily Permit

75 EUR

60 EUR

3 day permit - 10% discount

202 EUR

162 EUR

5 day permit - 20% discount

300 EUR

240 EUR

Annual fishing Licence 11 - 30 days 30% discount
31 - 50 days 45% discount
51+ 60% discount

Katrič House is a 10 minute walk away from some of the best fly fishing on the Soca river!

Fishing Permit Zone
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Katric is located at the heart of the best fishing the Soča has to offer. Being only a 10 minute walk from the bridge at Kamno its possible to stroll down early in the morning or late in the evening to make the most of the hatches. The bridge is also the start of the catch and release section. When you book a holiday staying at Katrič we will be happy to organise your fishing permits for you so they will be ready on arrival.

The unspoilt valleys that run through the Julian Alps range from mountain gorges to fertile plains. These valleys form the Soča and Sava river systems. The Soča river drainage is fed from and runs over limestone, throughout its length and is rich in insect and fish life. With tributaries that also offer a variety of equally pleasurable fishing and fish there is always a memorable days fishing on the Učja, Nadiža, Bela, Tolminka, Idrijca, Trebuščica, Bača, Koritnica (baška) and Kneža as well.

The Soča and its tributaries are famous for its indigenous Marble Trout (Salmo marmoratus) now found only in a few river systems, there is also the adriatic grayling, rainbow trout, marble/brown trout hybrid, brown trout, chub and barbel. The crystal clear insect rich limestone waters may allow you a glimpse of these fish if you are lucky enough to spot one off a bridge or rock.

Low impact farming with mainly forest and pasture plays a large part in maintaining this superb natural environment. With a vast amount of accessible water ranging from glides and drop pools to tumbling mountain streams, the fishing in the Soča Valley has something that lives up to every fly-fishermans dreams.


Adriatic grayling spotting fish in the river Large brown sedge Large grayling Zaga fishing  

Included as part of your fishing permit are numerous tributaries of the Soča which offer equally excellent fishing.

The Soča Tributaries
Tolminka - Tolminka offers a diverse days fishing flowing from the mountains then into the Soča near Tolmin. It is a beautiful, clear fly-fishing water. It certainly is one of the most attractive fly-fishing districts in Slovenia, inhabited by marble and brown trout but also some grayling in the lower part.
Bača - Bača is a first class fly-fishing river flowing into the Idrijca river. This is a excellent all season dry fly river. Large marble trouts, browns, rainbows and grayling can all be caught here.
Idrijca - Idrijca is worldwide famous fly-fishing river. Not just for its natural beauty and scenery but also for trophy size fish that are beautiful as they are big. But catching one may test your fishing skills.
Trebusčiča - A real gem of a river. The nature around Trebusčiča river offers an extremely peaceful fly-fishing experience but also with exciting dry fly or nymph fly-fishing. It will be a day to remember catching great browns, marble trout and grayling.
Nadiza - Nadiza is unique as it does not become a tributary of the Soca until it enters Italy. It is also warmer than all the other waters. But with its deep pools and rocky flows you are guaranteed to catch a variety of attractive fish on almost any day.

The fishing on the Soča and its tributries are run bythe Ribiška Družina Tolmin fishing club. They have a website where you can find out more information on permit prices, river conditions and history of the club.

Ribiška Družina Tolmin logo.

Tolminka river Idrjica Tredusica Nadiza
Tolminka Idrijca Trebuščiča Nadiza


Other rivers of Slovenia within easy reach

Sava Bohinjka - Emerging from the beautiful Lake Bohinj flowing towards lake Bled the Sava Bohinka is a delightful river to fish. With easy access to most parts you can fly-fish for stunning grayling which have orange fins rather than red, beautifully marked brown trout, good size rainbows, pretty brook trout, chub and the famous huchen in the winter. All in beautiful surroundings.
Sava Dolinka - In the northwest of the country the Sava Dolinka’s transparent emerald water emerge from the Zelenci spring. A fine trout river inhabited by rainbows and brownies along with trophy grayling merging with the Sava Bohinjka at Lancovo.
Upper Sava - The upper Sava is a promising trout, grayling and in the winter huge huchen river with deep pools, wide cascades and long rapids. With many access point it is possible to fish in solitude for a day. When the snow melt has ended the evening rises are spectacular and the fish gorge themselves on the abundance of insect life.
Radovna - A small but perfectly formed alpine river, emerging from the heart of the Triglav National Park. With wild red spotted brown trout, brook trout and rainbows. The fish are smaller here due to the cold temperature of the river but perfectly formed and wild just like the river itself.

These are just the best rivers within easy reach of Kamno. There are many other equally high quality fly fishing rivers and tributries in Slovenia including the Unica, Krka, Kopra, Vipava and the Kolpa to name a few. There is also lake fishing at Cerknica, Bohinj and Most na Soci. With so much choice of world class fly fishing the only problem is deciding where to spend the day fishing.

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