Paragliding in the Soča Valley

Paragliding in the soca valley

The Emerald Trail is an active nature amateur’s paradise. Among sport activities attracting an increasing number of those fascinated by adrenaline adventures to the Soča Valley today, paragliding with outstanding thermals, steep mountain slopes and unforgettable panoramic views offers top flying opportunities and long cross-country flying above the Julian Alps. This brochure highlights three major take-off areas: Kobariški Stol, Kobala and Lijak

paragliding from Kobola

Kobala is a popular paragliding and hang gliding take-off, as well as an excellent starting point for long cross-country flights on the southern crest of the Julian Alps and a well-known competition site.

With its setting of high Julian Alps peaks, Stol near Kobarid is a paragliding pilot’s paradise. Its over 20 km long panoramic ridge tops provide extraordinary opportunities for long cross-country flights and large-scale competitions.

paragliding over mountains

Weather conditions: The ideal conditions are with a very weak general N or NE wind for cross-country flights and a weak SW wind for local flying. With the general SW wind and thermals, the wind usually intensifies quickly. As the highest takeoff in the Soča Valley, Kobariški Stol is often the only take-off above the inversion layer, providing opportunities for thermal flying.

Paragliding over Javorca

There are several other less popular take-offs in the Soča Valley area: Mangartsko sedlo above Log pod Mangartom, Kanin, and Planja above the town of Bovec, Srednji vrh – Matajur and Kuk - Livek above the town of Kobarid.

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